BAOBAB Feathers Touareg Candle Max 24
The Feathers Touareg scented candle references the Tuaregs’ majestic garments with a glass covered in blue details. Each glass is unique as the color is placed in a random fashion, giving it a feathered tribal effect. Its fragrance will take you to the gates of the Sahara.

This scent’s mint and jasmine notes conjure up visions of festive evenings around a re sipping tea, taking in the various fascinating smells of Africa.
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BAOBAB Totem Nirvana Holy Diffuser Medium 2L Refill
The three models of the Totem Holy diffusers are hand-blown by our glass artisans, with a bicolor ceramic cap also crafted by hand. They will take place within your interiors with elegance, suited to both urban apartments and beachside homes.

Its perfume is both floral and light, a blend of lily of the valley, musk, and cupressus, and has a calming and relaxing effect.

*The perfume and sticks are included
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BAOBAB Cities Rio Candle Max 10
The Rio scented candle is covered with a gold and color silkscreen print that refl ects this metropolis’ mythical architecture.

Its fragrance of bergamot, green tea and musk will take you to the warmth of this tropical city.
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BAOBAB Feathers Masaai Candle Max 24
Its warm and inviting scent is made up of amber and rum extract, an immersion into the hot desert sun in which this tribe has lived for centuries.
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BAOBAB Coral Pearls Candle Max 16
Covered in delicate touches of coral on hand-blown glass, the Coral Pearls scented candle is an object of decoration that will shimmer in your interiors as it releases an enchanting perfume. This candle, with its reference to the color of precious corals, will fit perfectly into your vacation homes.

The Coral Pearls candle's perfume is made up of a delicate blend of citrus, cedar and jasmine, one that will fill your interiors with the fresh scent of a sunny spring day.
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BAOBAB My First Baobab Manhattan Candle
The Manhattan scented candle is poured in a glass that bears a platinum and navy blue screen-printed design inspired by the art deco architecture of the Chrysler building.

Its lily of the valley, musk and pine perfume will transport you to the corner of Madison Avenue and 82nd Street where springtime fragrances travel from Central Park.
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